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Snake 2.0

This game is just snake all over again , kinda cool for a few minutes but that's about it. Each pick up has a modifier to it to slow you down or speed you up , in that sense they are color codes and this game is not color blind friendly.

What a waste…

I'm just glad I got this while it was free. There's absolutely NOTHING about this app that's worth paying for. DUMB!!!

No clue how to play

There is no tutorial and after trying several ways to play, I am deleting.


This app would not delete. Some sort of scam. Did not expect it at Apple App Store.

Massively awful

Hard to imagine a more poorly designed interface. If there are instructions, you can't find them. The game controls are counterintuitive. Ads take control. Can only be described as hostageware. Don't pay for this.


Fun game if you want to take a mental break for a few minutes.

Should be banned from the App Store

First and foremost this “game” throws a pop-up saying my iPad is infected with a virus, then automatically opens Safari with a redirect to have me install some App Lock thing. If that’s not bad enough, it does this MID-GAME. The game is great if you are not bored but want to be bored. I wasn’t really bored this morning so I installed this and started playing, and I was sufficiently bored within about three minutes. (...of which one minute was spent dealing with their pop-up.) This app is free and that’s slightly too much to pay. Move along and find something else is my recommendation.

Need negative stars

This is supposedly a paid game but still has ads. Then while playing the game, one of the ads launches Safari to page that starts beeping an alarm at you and announces that your iPad has been compromised and tries to blackmail you into paying to have the virus removed. How was this allowed in the App Store? They kill off the classic games I loved and paid for with the iOS update and let this crap get through. It seems every update pushes me a bit more to moving to Android. They still make the best hardware though.

Not free

Supposedly, this game was "free" during certain websites' daily specials, but it isn't. The ads are still there. This is deceptive, as the game was available for download anyway, for "free" (with in-app purchase). To me, "free" means that the game is absolutely that, if it had ads before then it would be ad-free if it as advertised as "free". See how that works?

Too many ads

These type of game is nothing more than spam app.

Love the game!

It's great so far just needs a few updates. Not too much into the line slowing down after hitting a few stars. I prefer it fast if not considered an option. GREAT GAME!


It's ok it's more things for u to do

No instructions = waste of time

Would it be so difficult for the developers to include instructions? Without them, this is a total waste of the time it takes to download and then delete. Too bad, looks like it could have been challenging--if I just knew what the challenge was!

Don't get it

You have to buy the game to play two players-_- not cool

Chief Fire Shadow

Excellent game. Reminds me of Tron. If you like sharp lines & traps...well this one is for you.

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